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Housing has become unaffordable for tens of millions of people and restricting for millions more.  There is a solution. 
It is time to bring back the peace of mind that comes from owning a home – and make it better – by removing the limits of “when and where.”  Welcome to OurHousz.  We designed a unique way for you to have equity and have a flexible lifestyle.  We do that by delivering an affordable ownership experience within the comfort of a traditional home without the traditional costs to do it. 
Own early. Own Anywhere.. 


  • You own in part but live in the whole 

  • You are not a renter anymore

  • You have stability with flexibility

  • You are a connected participant in your community

  • You build equity for a new future


We intend to build a financial system that puts the interest of the consumer first and creates wealth in every class.  OurHousz is the first step.

We believe owning a home should be as flexible as living life.  So we built it.  OurHousz.  Own early.  Own Anywhere. 
  • No Down Payment
  • Very Easy to Buy
  • Very Low Holding Costs
  • Traditional Home Without Traditional Price
  • You Get Traditional Appreciation Without Traditional Costs
  • Very Easy to Sell



We focus on four distinct markets.  


  • We offer fractional ownership in homes near universities to families who would otherwise pay rent for the duration of their student’s college experience, enabling them to live in a traditional, comfortable home with other like-minded individuals while they buy and build equity during the college terms, equity they can take with them after their college careers.


  • We offer fractional ownership to the emerging market, with easy qualification, nothing like anyone has ever experienced at a bank.  We make it possible to avoid ever having to rent.  We make it possible for anyone who is emerging into the market, of any age, to start or re-start their lives.  


  • We offer fractional ownership to the elderly, enabling them to live in the kind of traditional neighborhood they are used to and giving them the familiarity of home and the independence they deserve.  


  • We offer fractional ownership to businesses that want to housz their employees in a traditional, comfortable setting without the hassles of managing a property, but with the benefits of owning property.


And ownership equity is transferable to another OurHousz.  Or any house.  Keep the equity going.  No one should ever have to rent.


You don't have the fees associated with a traditional home, but you get a traditional home.  


We recognized that people are detached from the flow that is so natural, so we designed a way to do it, and to keep your equity flowing, too. You are not stuck anymore.  Move. Grow.  Own early.  Own Anywhere.   OurHousz.


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You are one step closer to living the way you should!